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Facebook hacking process may usually take up to 15 minutes but we guarantee 100% sucess.

If you have entered a correct account ID number, but the Facebook hacking tool is still showing this page and does not work, please stop and try again after at least 3 hours.

Sometimes the Facebook hacking tool is unable to hack the password because the discovered security holes are patched regularly. If this is the case, we recommend you to try again later (after at least 3h). Maybe, we are updating the site.

This system is updated daily and regularly, so if one of discovered vulnerabilities is fixed, we can still hack the Facebook password for you.

Make sure to enter a correct Facebook ID number

The Facebook ID number seems to be invalid !

It should be a number only !

How to find Facebook ID number

Please verify the Facebook ID number before clicking the "hack now" button. Make sure that the data you entered is a number with many digits, not a web address or a profile name. Click here, we show you how to get the Facebook ID number. If you are sure that the Facebook ID number is correct, please wait for at least 3 hours before trying again, or contact us.

Because our hacking system will connect to Facebook servers to retrieve the password, many direct but invalid connections may attract their attention and this hacking tool risks to be blocked anytime. So, we advise you to verify the Facebook ID again before clicking the hack button.

Learn how to get the exact Facebook ID number

Here we teach you how to get the exact Facebook ID number to hack the Facebook account.

Method number 1

If you know only the profile address, i.e:, then you just need to copy that whole web address and go here to find the Facebook ID number. Watch the instruction below:

How to hack Facebook account ID number

Method number 2

Open the Facebook profile that you want to hack, click on the Facebook profile's photo. You will see a long URL on the address bar. Look at the end of the address.

After the last dot [.] and before the [&type=1], you will see something like below:


So, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the Facebook ID number that you are looking for.

Method to find Facebook ID number to hack on

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